How to Pomeranian proof your house and yard

There’s nothing more exciting than picking up your first Pomeranian pup and getting them settled in their new home. However, if you’re totally unprepared for what’s to come, you’ll be pulling your hair out before you’ve even managed to flick the light switch on!

Getting your home ready before your new Pomeranian arrives is a fairly simple process when you know exactly what to look out for. Here are our top tips on How to Pom Pom-Proof Your Home and Yard for a (fairly) stress-free experience.

13 Ways to Pom Pom Proof your home

What We Wished We Had Known

It’s a little embarrassing to say, but when we got our first Pomeranian, we quickly became wise to the fact that we hadn’t Pom Pom-proofed our house (or cleaned it properly in years!)

Whilst having guests around for dinner one day, our Pomeranian began barking and getting excited about something underneath the sideboard, going absolutely berserk and scratching at it like a 72oz steak was being grilled right there.

Low and behold, lay the tiniest fragment of a dog treat, dried and shriveled to a crisp, amongst 2 inches of thick dust and dog fur…for everyone to see!

The moral of the story…

If you don’t Pom Pom-proof your home first, your Pomeranian will eventually do it for you!

Had this happened when we were not at home, we’re pretty sure our Pomeranian would have found a way to go through that sideboard because her nose was totally compelling her to.

And that’s why we’ve created this handy guide on Pomeranian-proofing your home, to help first-time Pomeranian owners get to grips with their obsessive traits and quirks!

To appease our pup (and prevent damage to the sideboard) we moved it to see what all the fuss was about.

How to Pom Pom proof your home

What does Pom Pom-Proofing Mean?

Pomeranian-proofing is a slang term used to describe the steps taken by people to prevent their Pomeranians from causing utter chaos and destruction.

It may involve preventing Pomeranians from accessing or escaping certain areas, limiting the likelihood of household items being eaten or destroyed, and generally preparing for life with a potentially destructive little chew-monster!

5 Reasons You Should Pomeranian-Proof Your Home

Pomeranians are unlike most other dog breeds. Particularly when they are young (and without proper training) they can be quite mischievous and cause a fair amount of destruction. Here are a few reasons why you need to Pomeranian-proof your home:

1. Breed Type

Pomeranians have an incredibly strong sense of smell and are a spirited breed with a constant desire to explore and play using their instincts.

As they are highly inquisitive dogs, they will put anything in their mouths to figure out what it’s all about – just like babies.

The difference here though is that Pomeranians have strong teeth. Toddlers do not!

2. Keen Escape Artists

Driven by their desire to constantly fill their bellies, Pomeranians can and will try to run off or escape at any opportunity to seek and forage food.

The smell of other animals can also overpower their other senses, causing them to take off without looking back.

3. Their Safety

Pomeranian-proofing your home for their safety is the number one priority.

Due to their tendencies to get into trouble, Pomeranians can cause themselves harm by ingesting things they are not supposed to, leading to a variety of health issues.

Older Pomeranians are generally wise to eating hazardous substances, but puppy Pomeranians are still yet to learn which items are best avoided.

As they are classed as aggressive chewers, Pomeranians are capable of biting off large chunks or pieces of material and swallowing them whole, leading to a potential choking hazard or blockage in their intestines.

They may also cause themselves injury by frantically trying to escape from small areas they have got caught in.

4. To Protect Your Home

Taking the right steps to Pomeranian-proof your home and protect your goods from damage is another top priority for all Pomeranian owners.

Just as we would prepare the home for the arrival of a baby, taking a few extra steps to get your home ready for a new Pomeranian will take a lot of stress out of caring for your pup – not to mention saving you thousands in potential damage!

5. To Prevent Burn-Out

One of the top reasons Pomeranians are given up for adoption is due to unruly behavior, many of which can be curbed when they are raised in a suitable environment that has been adequately Pomeranian-proofed.

Although your dog’s health is the number one priority when Pomeranian-proofing your home, taking extra steps to prevent destructive behavior will help bucket loads in ensuring that your relationship with them thrives, and your mental health remains in good shape!

Pomeranian puppy about to eat a sandel

What are ‘High-Value’ Items in the Home?

Basically, anything that your Pomeranian is not supposed to have can be classed as a high-value item!

Often, they can be seen parading around with forbidden items wedged between their jowls or demolishing that tissue that fell out of your pocket on the way through the kitchen.

Human possessions are extremely high-value rewards for Pomeranians, and they will find things you never thought possible.

Examples of common high-value items around the home:

  • Food (of any kind, fresh or moldy!)
  • Trash Can
  • Tissues
  • Sponges
  • Shoes
  • Slippers
  • Boxes
  • Newspapers
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Loose carpets/rugs
  • Toilet paper
  • Kids Toys
Pomeranian chewing a toy

13 Ways to Pom Pom Proof Your Home and Yard

Pom Pom-proofing your home shouldn’t be a difficult task, it just requires some thoughtful planning.

You have to get into the mindset of a mischievous little pup who is going to want to explore every inch of your home… and you’ll no doubt be absolutely astonished at what they will find!

Until they have fully adjusted to every inch of your home, they will continue to sniff out and explore every corner.

Here’s what to consider:

1. Don’t Leave Food Lying Around!

Don't leave any food around for your Pomeranian to find

This is the number one rule when preparing your home for a new Pomeranian! Pomeranians are total thieves and will happily steal food no matter what the consequences may be.

Until they have matured and learned a few house rules, keep all food locked away and out of reach.

Secure dog food in an Airtight Dog Food Vault and ideally place this within a cupboard as a double barrier to prevent your Pomeranian from being able to constantly sniff it out.

2. Access at Their Level

The first place to start would be to get down to their level and have a good look at everything that could become a potential target.

Newspapers, shoes, items on the coffee table, kid’s toys under the couch.

Everything that they shouldn’t have access to should be stashed away and out of reach.

Keep things out of a Pomeranians level

3. Areas You Cannot See (But They Can Smell)

As we mentioned, our first Pomeranian went absolutely berserk at a tiny treat that had rolled under our sideboard some time ago.

They will react in exactly the same way whenever they can smell a treat or toy that’s in an area they cannot reach, often barking or arooing until they have got what they want.

Pull out couches, drawers, sideboards, and anything else that has a small gap underneath, and give it a good clean.

Trust us, you don’t want to skip this step if you value your furniture!

4. Hazardous Items and Substances

Anything that is likely to make your Pomeranian sick or cause injury should be removed and well away from them. Cleaning products should be placed on higher shelves and completely out of reach.

Any plants that are potentially poisonous to dogs should be removed from the ground and placed on high shelves, or better yet – removed altogether.

What may seem like tough or durable items (and of no interest to dogs) can still be destroyed and ingested in large pieces (either intentionally or accidentally) by Pomeranians.

5. Pomeranian-Proof Trash Can

Did we mention that Pomeranians will do anything for food?

One of the first things you will need to do is ensure that you have a Pomeranian-proof trash can in the home, otherwise, an insecure one will become the source of all entertainment for them!

Choose one that is tall, airtight, and heavy, and ideally place it in the corner of the kitchen to prevent it from being knocked over. These Touchless Trash Cans work a treat for Pomeranians.

6. Wipe Down Surfaces

If you’ve recently prepared or stored food on tables or counters, wipe them down to remove any smell or residue that may be left behind.

This will stop Pomeranians from jumping up at the table or scratching at the counter to see if there’s any treasure left to be had!

Wipe down surfaces to stop your pomeranian stealing food

7. Remove Temptations

Things that would ordinarily be of no interest to other dogs can be a huge temptation for Pomeranians!

Dangling cables or a fraying edge on the carpet or rug can be enough to get their devious juices flowing.

Batten down or hide cables, and tidy up any loose items on fixtures or fittings around the home.

8. Install Child Gates

A free-roaming Pomeranian in a new environment is more than likely to get up to no good.

Containing them to a smaller area until they have matured is generally the best way to keep them out of trouble.

Child Gates can effectively be used to block off access at the stairs or other areas in the home and is one of our must-have items for every Pomeranian owner.

9. Close Doors Behind You

Everyone in the household should get into the habit of closing doors behind them to prevent access to restricted rooms.

This alone will prevent a lot of potential destruction when you cannot keep an eye on them at all times, such as drinking out of the toilet or destroying your entire supply of toilet paper!

Note: Generally, most Pomeranians will not be able to figure out how to use a door handle, so play it by ear and see how you go before considering Dog-Proof Locks.

10. Prevent Escape

Whilst your Pomeranian is still becoming familiar with your home, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve covered all means of escape. This includes open windows and doors that they can reach, or gaps in areas they could get stuck behind.

Installing shutters on the windows can be expensive, but it does allow you to keep them open whilst still preventing your Pomeranian from escaping. Plus, Pomeranians do love to have a good nose out of an open window at passers-by!

Prevent escape by putting up shutters for your Pom Pom

11. Secure the Yard

If there is anything that definitely needs good Pom Pom-proofing, it’s your yard!

Letting your new Pomeranian roam free in a garden or yard will rarely end well. We guarantee you, it won’t be long before they’ve taken off elsewhere to explore other things they think they are missing out on!

Pomeranian-proofing the yard involves having a fully-fenced perimeter, ideally, one that is at least six feet high that they cannot dig under, and is in good repair.

Chicken wire should be avoided, as Pomeranians are incredibly tenacious and they could end up getting their paws or teeth stuck in them while trying to escape, and it actually makes life easier for them if they have a tendency to climb!

Remove objects near the fence that could be used to gain elevation and subsequently assist them in jumping over and escaping.

12. Pick Up Poop

Pomeranians are likely to eat their own and other dogs’ feces for a variety of reasons specific to their breed. Picking up poop right away is a must if you want to prevent your Pomeranian from taking advantage of this tasty ‘snack.’

Use a secure dog poop trash can that they cannot knock over or access, and keep an eye on your Pomeranian when they’re outside straight after mealtimes.

13. Remove Yard Dangers

It’s evident that hazards such as swimming pools, sharp protruding objects, garden tools, and other items should be secured to prevent a curious Pomeranian from getting into trouble.

Eliminating plants that are dangerous for dogs is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of your yard or garden and an essential aspect of Pom Pom-proofing.

Remove yard dangers for your Pom Pom

4 Bonus Tips on Pom Pom-Proofing Your Home

1. Permissible Destruction

It’s incredibly challenging to prevent Pomeranians altogether from pursuing their destructive habits; it is, after all, a part of their natural instinct.

What you can do is restrict their destructive behaviors to items they are allowed to destroy, such as dog toys and chews.

Pomeranian puppy with a dog chew

This provides them with an appropriate outlet to release frustration and keeps them engaged, offering mental stimulation and exercise.

Check out our compilation of the 15 Best Long-Lasting Chews for Pomeranians, ensuring delightful options tailored to their preferences. Additionally, explore these Dog Training Tools that can effectively address and manage any tendencies toward destructive behavior.

Crucial Note: Avoid letting your Pomeranians chew on personal items like old shoes or magazines intended for disposal. Allowing this behavior may inadvertently signal that such items are acceptable to destroy in the future.

2.Anticipate Potential Issues

Anticipate Potential Issues with your Pomeranian

Providing your Pomeranian with a Treat Dispenser is an excellent method to keep them entertained indoors. Yet, if left unsupervised and a treat happens to roll under the couch, there’s a considerable chance you might find yourself shopping for a new one (referring to the couch)!

Many moons ago, our initial Pomeranian chewed through the side of the couch just to access a small treat. A true story.

Following that incident, we consistently made an effort to anticipate potential issues that could arise in a home with an energetic little Pomeranian! This underscores the importance of having proper insurance coverage for your furry companion.

3. Control Indoor Zoomies!

Not every Pomeranian will engage in frenetic indoor running to burn off excess energy. However, when they do, it can result in chaos (usually coinciding with a full moon in our case!).

In our household, this typically involves leaping from one piece of furniture to another, especially when no one is occupying them, potentially leading to a messy situation if they’re coming in from outside.

We just position chairs on our couches when they’re not in use, completely curbing the tendency for indoor zoomies. It might not be a universal solution, but it has proven effective for us over the years, even with multiple Pomeranians in the mix!

Keep your Pomeranian off the sofa

4. Crate Training

If you’re bringing home a new Pomeranian puppy, it’s highly advisable to initiate crate training from the start, serving as an effective method for Pomeranian-proofing your home when direct supervision isn’t possible.

This practice not only aids in housebreaking but also imparts crucial lessons about boundaries within the home until your Pomeranian has earned your confidence.

When crate training is consistently and properly implemented, it can significantly contribute to minimizing separation anxiety in Pomeranians, resulting in reduced anxiety-driven mischief.

Wrapping Up Ways To Pom Pom-Proof Your Home and Yard

Concluding the process of Pom Pom-proofing your home and yard is a straightforward task once you comprehend the workings of their inquisitive minds.

Their insatiable drive, fueled by a keen sense of smell, necessitates precautionary measures to avert potential trouble.

While it might initially seem like adopting a new Pomeranian involves more effort than it’s worth, we assure you that they’ll furnish you with an abundance of amusing tales over the years, given that they are undeniably one of the most entertaining dog breeds!

Additionally, it’s advisable to explore our post on the specific reasons why insuring your Pomeranian is beneficial, considering their playful antics that could lead to unforeseen expenses.