essential items for a pomeranian and your home

If you own a Pomeranian or are considering getting one, and you’re curious about the ideal items for this dog breed, you’re in luck. 

We’ve compiled a simple checklist of all the products necessary to ensure the happiness and health of your Pomeranian and your home. 

From Pomeranian-friendly trash cans and toys to slow feeders and the finest high-value treats, we’ve covered every essential item that will make caring for a Pomeranian a breeze.

Rest assured, this comprehensive list is the sole reference you’ll ever need!

must have items for a pom pom and your home

Why Pomeranians Needs are Different from other Dogs

Pomeranians require slightly more attention to detail when thinking about the type of products they need. They have certain characteristics that can test the patience of owners who are not wholly prepared for their antics!

With a little planning and preparation, you can make life far easier to own a Pomeranian and better manage the traits that some people can find highly undesirable in their pet dog. Examples of these include:

  • Excessive Barking Pomeranians might bark a lot when they’re bored.
  • Destructive Behavior Bored Pomeranians may chew on things like furniture or shoes.
  • They might seem uneasy, pacing around and not settling down.
  • Attention-Seeking by nudging or pawing you.


For those that already own a Pomeranian, you may be chuckling at the above list. For those that don’t – please do not be put off by it!

When we got our first Pomeranian many years ago, we had to learn from scratch about the type of products that would make our lives so much easier.

Now, we wouldn’t have it any other way – owning a Pomeranian is more rewarding than any other dog breed for us.


essential items for a pomeranian and your home

The items on this list come from our personal experience and are our recommendations for absolutely everything you need for your Pomeranian and your home.

Every product has a practical explanation as to why they are relevant items for a Pomeranian, and to make life that extra bit easier, we have provided the links to all products and images mentioned in this post – the majority of which can be found on Amazon or Chewy.

1. Dog ID Tag

Apart from being a legal requirement in many countries, an ID Tag provides clear information to anyone that may come across a Pomeranian who has lost or escaped its owner. In case your Pomeranian goes missing, anyone who finds them can easily scan the QR code on the tag. This triggers the generation of a position record, which is sent to you via email.

Our fully customizable dog tag contains essential information such as your contact details, basic pet info, habits, and allergy history. This helps good Samaritans take proper care of your pet and facilitates a quick reunion with your family

2. Dog Collar

Every Pomeranian needs a dog collar that an ID Tag and a leash can be attached to. It can also be incredibly useful at times when you need to grab hold of your Pomeranian to stop them from heading towards any danger, or to tether them to an anchor point.

Reflective dog collars are great for Pomeranians, as it makes it that little bit easier to see where they are when you’re walking in dense foresty areas.

Not all Pomeranians are the same size, so you’ll need to measure their neck circumference before ordering one.

3. Short Leash

Pomeranians should use a leash when going out because it keeps them safe. The leash helps owners control where the dog goes, making sure they don’t run into dangerous places. It also helps with training, and teaching Pomeranians to walk nicely. 

Having a short (un-retractable) leash makes it easier to control and train a Pomeranian to walk without pulling, and should be used with an appropriate harness.

4. Dog Harness

A harness is a must-have item for a Pomeranian! We learned this the hard way when our first Pomeranian started having muscle spasms in her neck from the use of a traditional collar and leash, subsequently needing a trip to the vet.

A good harness will stop your Pomeranian from pulling towards the ground, which means that they are not straining their neck. A VERY worthwhile investment!

Just be sure to get a sturdy one that isn’t stretchy – as that won’t work for a Pomeranian!

5. Long Retractable Leash

Even if you plan on training your Pomeranian to walk off-leash, make sure you have a long retractable leash available.

There will always be a time when they come in handy. For example, almost all of our Pomeranians will not poop on a short leash, it’s their quirk. They need to pick the right spot before they can go, and it’s normally as far away from us as possible!

When you’re walking in areas outside of places where they can roam free, a long retractable leash becomes a necessity.

6. Dog Stake Anchor and Cable

If you’re planning on taking your Pomeranian anyplace where you would like to keep them within a certain area, then a dog stake anchor is extremely useful!

Think camping trips, picnics, and big yard parties!

All you need to do is place the anchor into the ground, hook them up, and you can stop worrying about whether your Pomeranian will manage to escape!

7. GPS Dog Tracker

Although this may seem like a luxury item, GPS Trackers are incredibly popular with Pomeranian owners! Pomeranians do have a reputation for being escape artists, so knowing where your pooch is at all times can be kind of handy.

Whether you use it for practical purposes of finding your dog or are just curious to know how much walking your Pomeranian gets when out with the dog walker, GPS Trackers are becoming more affordable.

8. Travel Crate

Travel crates are a great way of giving your Pomeranian somewhere safe and comfortable to sit whilst also keeping your car clean at the same time.

It’s best to have a separate crate ready in the car that’s collapsible, so you can save space when you need to. If your Pomeranian has been crate trained, this will make car travel so much easier for everyone.

9. Car Seat Cover

Our first Pomeranian was allowed to travel on the back seats of our old car, and when we purchased a new one (a car not the Pomeranian) we promised to never let them wreck it again!

Pomeranian hairs get into all the nooks and crannies of cars, so using a superior dog car seat cover that contains most of the dirt and fur in one place is ideal.

10. Doggie Weekend Travel Bag

When we were first gifted a dog travel bag we were a little miffed as to why we would need it. Now, couldn’t live without it!

If you’re the type that likes to ensure that you have all of your ducks lined up when taking your Pomeranian traveling or leaving them with friends or family, then a weekend travel bag is your new best friend!

We place items in the pockets that are easily forgotten, like a spare Slow Feeder Bowl, poop bags, or ID Tags with details of the people that regularly look after our Pomeranian.

11. Travel Water Bowl

Getting a Pomeranian to drink from a water bottle is nearly impossible, and the concept can seem almost alien-like to them.

When traveling in the car or taking them on long walks when the weather is warm, a travel water bowl becomes a must-have item for your Pomeranian.

We were gifted a collapsible travel water bowl that folds into a small triangle and fits in our trouser pocket, and we couldn’t be without it now!

12. Heavy-Duty Water Bowl

You would think that buying a water bowl for your Pomeranian is a fairly straightforward task, and we had a traditional ceramic heavy-duty one for years. Recently, we were gifted this No-Spill Dog Water Bowl – and we absolutely love it!

No more wet jowls dripping water everywhere!

If you regularly travel with your Pomeranian, particularly in campervans, then you can leave this bowl out without it spilling any water, a truly fantastic item!

13. Slow Feeder Bowl

Pomeranians are known for chowing down their meals without an ounce of chewing taking place. Then they turn and look at you like “Where’s the rest of it?!”

With a slow feeder bowl, they can enjoy their meals for longer than a minute or two, plus it helps a little with digestion.

14. Airtight Dog Food Container

You will need a large airtight food container, ideally one that holds more than one bag of food. We feed our Pomeranians dry kibble and dry treats, and there’s nothing worse than your kibble going stale. Plus, you don’t want pests getting into it!

We have this one from the IRIS brand and we love it! It’s compact enough to store out of sight, and the scoop is a handy bonus.

15. Dog Food Scoop

If you’re not going to feed your Pomeranian at scheduled times, then you’ll need to get into a routine of feeding them a set amount of food. A dog food scoop is an easy way to measure out your Pomeranian’s daily meals, plus it saves your hands getting greasy.

16. Dog Nail Clippers

Some Pomeranians have the ability to grind their own nails down whilst others need regular nail maintenance. If you’re not going to walk them on hard surfaces, then you’ll need to invest in some decent dog nail clippers.

If you’ve never used them before, then it might be a good idea to ask your vet to show you how to use them, as you can easily trim too much off and cause your Pomeranian’s nails to bleed.

17. Tick Remover

We cannot tell you how many times we have used a tick remover for our Pomeranians. As Pomeranians are natural hunters, they love to get into places most other dogs will not, like thick undergrowths, shrubs, and long grass.

When you discover a tick, you don’t want (or need) to visit the vet. Having a tick remover to hand will mean that you can safely remove the ticks yourself in the quickest way possible from the comfort of your home. A must-have for every Pomeranian owner.

18. Dog Ear Cleaner

Pomeranians, like many other breeds, can be prone to ear infections. Due to their small size and furry ears, Pomeranians may be more susceptible to moisture retention, creating an environment conducive to bacterial growth.

Pomeranian owners need to be attentive to their pet’s ear health. Regularly inspecting and cleaning their ears can help prevent infections. Gentle cleaning with veterinarian-approved solutions and keeping the ears dry, especially after baths or water activities, can contribute to a healthier ear environment for Pomeranians.

If there are signs of discomfort, redness, or an unusual odor, consulting with a veterinarian is advisable for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

19. Inflatable Collar

Most Pomeranian owners will wait until the need arises for an inflatable collar, however, when you do need one, you may need it urgently!

Our Pomeranians have always suffered from hot spots, causing aggressive chewing of paws and scratching at their jaws – which can lead to bleeding. With an inflatable collar, you can nip this in the bud quickly whilst seeking advice from the vet.

Read the pros and cons of Inflatable Collars vs the Plastic Cone for Pomeranians.

20. Cooling Mat

If you live anywhere where it gets hot and bothersome for you, then it most definitely does for your Pomeranian too!

Dog cooling mats help your Pomeranian reduce their body temperature if they struggle to find anywhere to escape the heat.

This is particularly important for Pomeranians that are taken out by dog walkers and returned to an empty home on a hot day.

Cooling mats are filled with gel and provide heat relief when kept in a cool area.

21. Nail Clippers

Just as it does for humans, a dog first aid kit can provide life-saving treatment whilst waiting for professional help.

If you’re particularly keen on traveling with your pom pom, having a kit to hand can take the stress out of any surprises for both of you.

A good dog first aid kit will include a tick remover, silicon tourniquet, self-adhesive bandages, sting relief pads, emergency blanket, and tweezers.

22. Dog Nail Grinder

A nail grinder is such a fantastic tool for trimming a Pomeranian’s nails. Although they may cost a bit more than traditional nail clippers, they are one of the best products we’ve ever purchased for our Pomeranian.

It’s almost impossible to trim their nails too much, and it provides a safe way to round off their nails to remove sharp edges, which Pomeranians can catch on their ears and on furniture around the home.

Get the best one that you can afford, and it will last a lifetime. This low-noise nail grinder from Amazon is fantastic and a must-have item for your Pomeranian grooming kit.

23. Dog Shampoo

Most owners are aware that you shouldn’t use human shampoo on Pomeranians, but there are some dog shampoos that are better than others.

Pomeranians are prone to skin conditions and need a gentle shampoo that’s good at removing dirt (and fox poo) yet kind to their skin.

Oatmeal dog shampoos are great for this and generally provide very good care for their coat and skin.

24. Dog Cologne

Pomeranians are generally known for having a relatively low body odor compared to some other dog breeds. Their small size and compact bodies contribute to less oil production, resulting in a milder natural scent. However, individual factors such as diet, grooming habits, and overall health can influence a Pomeranian’s body odor.

Regular grooming is essential to maintain a Pomeranian’s cleanliness and minimize any potential odor. Bathing should be done on an as-needed basis, typically every few weeks or when they get dirty. Add dog cologne after bath make your pom pom smell amazing.

25. Fingerbrush

We tried using a traditional dog toothbrush on our Pomeranians and they just didn’t get it. As a result, we do have some spare dog toothbrushes going if anyone needs them?! Cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly should form part of any good Pomeranian grooming regime, and the Fingerbrush is probably the best way to go.

The difference between the two is that the toothbrush is a foreign object in the Pomeranian’s mouth, which they will generally resist and push out with their tongue.

The Fingerbrush, however, stays on the tip of your finger, and with Pomeranians being a fairly submissive breed, they will allow their owners to put their fingers in their mouth with much less resistance.

Make sure to use toothpaste designed specifically for dogs.

26. Dog Dental Kit

As dog owners, we often tend to neglect our pooch’s teeth, leading to future problems with poor dental health. A build-up of tartar and plaque occurs just as it does for us, with many of us opting for a trip to the vets to get it sorted.

Did you know that it’s simple enough to remove the bulk of plaque yourself at home? All you need is a Dog Dental Kit to gently scrape their teeth every month to keep those vet bills at bay!

27. Bristle Brush

Bristle brushes are a must-have for Pomeranians! Unlike other types of brushes, the bristle brush is not only designed to remove loose hair and dirt – but it also stimulates hair growth and spreads essential oils over your Pomeranian’s coat.

It’s also the best type of brush to pick up leftover loose fur after you have de-shedded your Pomeranian.

28. De-Shedding Tool

De-shedding tools are an essential item for Pomeranians. If you don’t have one, you may just go crazy trying to deal with all the Pomeranian fur floating around your home! Not all de-shedding tools are equal though, and without a doubt, The Furminator trumps them all.

Used just once a week, it pulls loose fur through from the undercoat so that you can dispose of it before it spreads around the home and all over your clothes, making life with a Pomeranian that little bit more enjoyable!


29. High-Value Treats

cake for pomeranian

There’s no denying that Pomeranians are notoriously stubborn when it comes to training. That’s why it’s incredibly important to use high-value treats as rewards in order to keep them engaged.

One of the best recall treats for Pomeranians is liver cake. If made properly, they provide the smelliest and most alluring treats that Pomeranians (and most other dogs) just cannot resist!

30. General Training Treats

How do you train a Pomeranian without treats? Well… you don’t! Pomeranians are food-obsessed little critters, which has its disadvantages but can also come in handy when you need to get their attention.

The best way to train a Pomeranian is to have a selection of different treats for varying situations. Only give them the most high-value treats when it matters the most (such as recall), and then have some less calor

31. Treat Jar

Having a glass or ceramic treat jar by the back door is a very handy way to potty train a Pomeranian.

Whenever they have a pee outside, reward them immediately by shaking the jar full of treats so that they know they’ve done the right thing. This is also a great technique to prevent Pomeranians from eating their own poop in the backyard.

32. Dental Chews

Dental chews help to keep your Pomeranian’s breath fresh and teeth clean by reducing the build-up of plaque and tartar. They are also the best things to use after your Pomeranian has eaten something fairly gross (like poop) which is bound to happen at some point!

33. Dog Crate

A dog crate has many benefits and gives your Pomeranian a safe space, helping to foster a sense of security. Once they have adapted, crates can keep Pomeranians calm when they are in new or stressful environments and are a must for most Pomeranians. The destruction some people associate with Pomeranians is normally due to them not being crate trained from a young age, leading to a large proportion of them being rehomed.

A crate also provides a safe place for your Pomeranian when they are being looked after by friends or family, and makes traveling in cars a lot less stressful for them.

Pomeranians prefer an enclosed space, so it shouldn’t be too big – just enough to allow them to stand up and turn around – usually no more than 30 inches wide. And it needs to be made of metal, anything else is totally chewable! See our Top Crate Training Tips for more details.

34. Crate Pad

When crate training your Pomeranian, the best type of bedding to use is a thick crate pad with a non-slip backing. If it’s the right size for the crate, this will make it a little more Pomeranian-proof and less likely for them to destroy it. Always have spare bedding for a Pomeranian, as you never know what you’ll wake up to!

35. Dog Bed

If your Pomeranian isn’t using a crate (or has grown out of it), you’ll need a comfy bed for them to curl up on.

Again, there’s nothing available out there that’s completely Pomeranian-proof, but some are less appealing for destructive purposes than others! Flatbeds are generally less likely to be destroyed than those that are more enclosed.

Plus, Pomeranian beds get smelly quite quickly and will need to be washed frequently, making large enclosed beds a little less practical.

36. Blankets (lots of them!)

We can’t tell you how many dog blankets we have around the home! They are great as an addition to usual bedding and Pomeranians love to ‘rough em up’ and create their own little cozy hole.

They are also great for covering soft furnishings to help keep them clean, and can be thrown in the wash easily. Blankets are so cheap and can be used while their usual bedding is being cleaned, a must-have for all Pomeranians!

Plus, they are great for helping Pomeranians feel more secure when draped over their dog crate.

37. Training Clicker

Clicker training your Pomeranian is a great way to teach new tricks or commands using positive reinforcement. The best thing about clickers is that they are extremely cost-effective and do not take up much space at all. You can grab one and place it on your walking leash so that it’s with you whenever you head out.

38. Dog Training Whistle

Whistle training is another great technique for teaching your Pomeranian recall when there are other distractions to contend with.

The whistle is incredibly effective, as it provides a consistent sound and is very easy to operate. It can also be used by anyone in the household to get the attention of your Pomeranian when out on a walk, and the sound covers a great distance for when your Pomeranian develops a sudden onset of ‘selective hearing!’

39. Chews Toys

In case you haven’t heard, Pomeranians do love to have a chew on things they are generally not supposed to! Giving your Pomeranian long-lasting chew toys can help exhaust them, which in turn reduces the chances of any excessive barking and howling or general mischievous behavior!

In order to keep them in check, you’ll need a selection of tough chews like this Benebone to keep them entertained. Most products on the market will not last longer than a few minutes with a Pomeranian – here’s a list of our all-time Top 15 Long-Lasting Pomeranian Chews.

40. Extreme Kong

We can categorically say, the ONE THING we have left (that is chewable) from when our Pomeranian was a puppy, is an Extreme Kong. We are still not sure how the Kong has survived, as our Pomeranian is more than capable of destroying it! Especially considering that remnants of peanut butter and banana can still be found in hard-to-reach areas.

Kongs are a great way of keeping your Pomeranian distracted and busy for a while, and tremendously help with reducing separation anxiety when they are left alone, making it one of the best dog training tools available.

41. Dog Toy Box

Whenever we purchased a new toy for our first Pomeranian, we knew it would be game over within minutes.

The moment we bought a dog toy box and filled it with dog toys, everything changed. Somehow, having a box full of toys meant that the focus had shifted from this ‘one valuable toy’ to lots of different options. It may not work for you, but it most certainly worked for us!

42. Dog Games

Pomeranians need plenty of mental stimulation and entertainment to keep destruction at bay, and games can help with this enormously! Whether you design your own games or purchase some great puzzles online, keeping them busy is the key to keeping your home in ship-shaped condition!

Most of the time, games will include some element of a food-based reward (as that’s what motivates Pomeranians), however, you can choose to use carrots and apple slices for some of these.

43. Suitable Insurance for your Pomeranian

pomeranian waiting to be entertained

We cannot stress enough the importance of having adequate insurance for your Pomeranian. Pomeranians are notorious for their mischievous nature, which can often lead to damaged property or injury to themselves, particularly in their earlier years. While most insurance policies will cover these kinds of accidents, it’s always a good idea to have suitable insurance in place that covers all eventualities.

It’s especially helpful when it comes to your Pomeranian eating something they shouldn’t have, subsequently leading to a blockage in their stomach that requires emergency medical treatment. Insurance is an essential part of owning a Pomeranian, and it’s important to make sure that you’re properly covered.

44. Child Gate

Child gates are incredibly effective at keeping Pomeranians within a boundary, and can save everyone a lot of heartache if installed BEFORE you bring them home! Particularly if your

Pomeranian has free reign of the house, a child gate will ensure that you return to your home in one piece (or at least everything upstairs will be intact!) They are most effective at the top of the stairs but will work just as well at the bottom. Just be sure to lock it in place, as Pomeranians

45. Pomeranian-Proof Trash Can

We’re sure you’ve seen endless videos of dog owners returning home to find the place has been wrecked by their beloved pets whilst they were out. If there’s one thing that Pomeranians will target given the chance, it’s the trash can!

Of all the years we have owned Pomeranians, they have never managed to rummage through garbage. We put this down to the type of trash can we have, which is tall and touchless with a darn good sensor. And placing it in the corner of the room means that they can’t knock it over.

46. Dog Poop Trash Can

Seeing as you’ll be picking up endless amounts of dog poop, you’ll need a dog poop trash can for your backyard. Having a dedicated place to put the dog poop means that you won’t need to throw it in with your general household garbage, saving you that lovely waft every time you open the lid!

All you need is one that is made for the outdoors and preferably with a slide-on lid – to avoid any Pomeranian-related mishaps!

47. Home Camera

A dog camera for your home can be a great idea… or the worst! For us, it relieved an awful lot of anxiety when we were out of the house, as we had previously feared that our Pomeranians were whining all day as pups. To our delight, the dog camera confirmed that we had indeed been worrying for nothing – they just slept for hours!

On the flip side, it can make matters worse (or amusing) – depending on which way you look at it. I had once been at the gym when I received a load of activity notifications from the home camera. To my horror, our Pomeranian had managed to pull down a tray of 20 freshly planted seedlings and was having a field day in our conservatory. Knowing that you’re coming home to an absolute mess can increase stress levels somewhat!

We also love the home cameras for letting us know that the dog walkers have been around and are taking care of them, and for us, they have become an essential item. We use these cameras as they are incredibly reliable and integrate well with both indoor and outdoor options.

48. Animal Vacuum Cleaner

We’re not going to beat around the bush here. A Bissel Animal Vacuum Cleaner is hands down the best at picking up stubborn Pomeranian fur from all around the home, including any soft furnishings.

We’ve tried several, and although Bissel Vacuums are fairly pricey, they do outlast many other brands and do the job very well. We also have the Bissel Cordless Vacuum, which is perfect for sprucing up small areas quickly.

49. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is a complete luxury, but if you have wooden floors – it is a godsend! Pomeranians are a high-shedding breed, which means their fur falls out constantly and gets airborne very easily. Even when we’ve vacuumed the entire home, large amounts of fur pile up under furniture and roll out like tumbleweed when the doors and windows are opened.

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a must-have luxury item and would equally make the perfect gift for any Pomeranian owner. The best type for a Pomeranian is one with a docking station that can self-empty.

50. Lint Rollers

Lint rolls offer the best solution for getting Pomeranian fur off your clothing (and guests for that matter!) We have them everywhere.

One by the front door, the back door, the kitchen, the bedroom, and the car – heck we sometimes take them on vacation! Pomeranian fur follows you around wherever you go, so lint rollers are absolutely essential for Pomeranian owners. They’re also very cheap and incredibly effective if you choose a good quality one.

BONUS Items for Pomeranians (Recommended by You!)

We love hearing from our readers about the items that you and your Pomeranians rely on for a happy life. Send us an email or leave a comment below if you’d like it to be added to this list – every item is helpful for all Pomeranian owners!

1. Pillow

Our first recommendation has come from our reader , who says that her Pomeranians absolutely love a pillow! There’s no surprise here. Pomeranians love to snuggle up and bury their noses into anything they can find, and a pillow makes the perfect companion when human elbows are in short supply!

2. Online Dog Training Course

Our second recommendation for every Pomeranian owner is a superb one – and that is a great online dog training course as soon as possible. Our reader Bethany explained how a particular online training class completely transformed her relationship with her Pomeranian, and she’s not sure where she would have been without it. A really good course can address several common issues with Pomeranians, such as:

We can completely back Bethany’s recommendation of the K9 Training Institute Masterclass. It covers a broad range of training methods to help develop calm and happy Pomeranians, plus, they have an extremely generous Free Workshop which gives you a great taster of what you can expect. For more details on online dog training courses see:

Everything you need for you Pom pom

Phew! We finally made it – a comprehensive list of all the items you need if you’re preparing to get a Pomeranian, or looking for ways to Pomeranian-proof your home or yard. Having spent years raising

Pomeranians and testing so many products, these are our personal recommendations of all the must-have items for a Pomeranian and your home to make your lives that little bit easier.

Leave us a comment to let us know what has been the most helpful item, or whether you have an awesome Pomeranian product that needs to be included on this list!