inflatable collars for Pomeranian

Whether recovering from surgery, minor injuries, or needing to prevent excessive scratching or licking due to skin conditions, ensuring your dog heals comfortably is really crucial.

When it comes to Pomeranians, inflatable collars prove to be a great alternative to traditional plastic cones. However, there are several important factors to consider to maximize their effectiveness.

If you’ve tried inflatable collars before without success, don’t lose hope! This guide will provide you with everything you need to know, including how the type and size of the inflatable collar significantly impact its effectiveness, along with one crucial step many dog owners overlook when using them.

Grey inflatable collar for pomeranian

Do Inflatable Collars Work for Pomeranians?

Absolutely, inflatable collars are perfectly suitable for Pomeranians, even though the breed is known for having high energy levels. A well-fitted, high-quality inflatable collar should be out of reach for your Pomeranian’s mouth, greatly reducing the likelihood of chewing.

After trying out numerous options over the years, we’ve identified the exact type of inflatable collar necessary for maximum effectiveness (and comfort), and we firmly believe it’s a must-have accessory for every Pomeranian.

What makes an inflatable collar a good idea?

Clinical research has demonstrated that stress can prolong your Pomeranian’s healing process, and the discomfort of wearing a rigid “cone of shame” can make them even more stressed.

Inflatable collars function like oversized cushions or neck pillows, offering significantly more comfort than traditional plastic cones provided by veterinarians. They secure a Pomeranian’s neck to prevent them from scratching or licking wounds on their body.

Inflatable collars are commonly used for Pomeranians recovering from surgery, minor injuries, abrasions, repetitive licking issues leading to hot spots, and allergies or other skin irritations.
Given the chance, a Pomeranian will persist in licking and scratching any irritations, complicating the healing process significantly.

Inflatable Collar vs Cone of Shame

Inflatable collars are a great discovery compared to traditional plastic cones. They have the same functions which are preventing over licking or biting. Nevertheless, the inflatable collars are still giving freedom and ensuring that your dog can move freely.
inflatable collars vs plastic cone of shame

Below are the differences between an inflatable collar and the conventional cone of shame:

The Ability to Move Freely

Inflatable collars enable your Pomeranian maintain their regular range of movement, and once they get used to it, they should encounter no hindrance in wearing them.

These collars offer such freedom of movement that you can still engage in playful activities with your Pomeranian without needing to remove the collar.

More suitable for Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking become effortless tasks with an inflatable collar, allowing your Pomeranian to reach floor level without any hindrance.

In contrast, the traditional cone of shame completely obstructs these activities, you need to remove it each time your pooch requires access to their bowl. This increases the risk of your dog scratching at wounds before you can intervene!

Does not Block their Vision

Pomeranians, like all other dog breeds, also appreciate having a full range of peripheral vision! While the plastic cone offers some visibility, it still obstructs their sight, especially when light reflects off of it.

A Better Nights Sleep

This one doesn’t need further explanation.

Simply envision the difference between sleeping in a rigid plastic cone versus a comfortable, soft neck pillow! If your dog feels discomfort throughout the night, they will likely resist wearing it more.

They are Safe

When properly fitted, inflatable collars offer a secure and efficient method to prevent your Pomeranian from accessing their wounds.

While plastic cones aim to achieve this, they have been associated with injuries in dogs, such as cuts from collisions with walls or furniture, falls down stairs, and psychological distress.

Exceptional Comfort

The main reason why Pomeranians resist wearing the plastic cone is because it is very uncomfortable.

Some may resort to repeatedly bumping into walls to try to remove it, while others may express their discomfort by sulking or barking.

In contrast, their response to inflatable collars is entirely different, provided it fits properly. Our Pomeranian adjusted to the inflatable collar with minimal issues at first, and one might even think she quite enjoys wearing it now!

Important: Use Inflatable Collar with a Regular Dog Collar Inside

A crucial factor to note when using any inflatable collar is that it must be used alongside a standard dog collar placed within the straps.

Using the inflatable collar alone makes it prone to being pulled off by your pomeranian, which is not its intended use. Numerous owners have reported ineffectiveness of inflatable collars due to this oversight.

The presence of the regular dog collar ensures that the inflatable collar remains securely in place, and it won’t take long for your pup to realize they can’t remove it!

Determining the Correct Size of Inflatable Collar for a Pomeranian?

Finding the right inflatable collar size for small to medium sized dogs like the Pomeranian can be challenging.

The ideal inflatable collar should effectively prevent your Pomeranian from reaching their paws or scratching their jaw while being snug enough to resist removal. Despite trying various sizes from different brands, we were still searching for the perfect fit.

Our main issue with large collars was that the hook and loop (Velcro-type) straps didn’t allow for tightening the collar fully, leaving gaps on either end where our Pomeranian could access her paws.

In our ongoing search for the ideal size and type of inflatable collar for our Pomeranian, we discovered an inflatable collar from Benchmate.

Inflatable Collars from Benchmate

We have to admit, when it comes to finding the finest products for our Pomeranians, we tend to be a tad meticulous and won’t settle until we uncover the best options.

After scouring through the array of collars available online, we stumbled upon Benchmate on Amazon—a playful departure from the typical bland gray or blue inflatable collars.

Their delightful sprinkled donut designs immediately grabbed our attention, and the upbeat buyer reviews only added to our interest in the product.

After trying using inflatable collar from Benchmate, here’s what we discovered:

The Fabric

Upon unpacking the inflatable collar, the fabric immediately catches your attention—it’s incredibly soft, reminiscent of Pomeranian ears! The stitching is of superior quality compared to the cheaper options we’ve tried before, which tend to deteriorate after repeated use.

The Size is Perfect for Pomeranians

Discovering that the medium-sized inflatable collar fit our pomeranian perfectly, with her 10-inch / 25cm neck diameter, brought us immense satisfaction. Additionally, the adjustable strap and clip on the large size can still make it usable as well and greatly aiding in the collar’s fitting process.

Thicker Girth

Indeed, we did mention that! The inflatable collar boasts a thicker girth around the donut design, making it challenging for Pomeranians to access their paws.

Adaptable Velcro strap

Many inflatable collars available utilize inexpensive straps for adjusting the collar’s tightness. While this might not appear problematic initially, these straps often become clogged with hair and debris over time, rendering them ineffective.
The hook and loop section of the straps proved to be insufficiently long, failing to entirely close the gap. With the adjustable strap and clip feature, even when using a large donut, you can fully tighten the straps, eliminating any openings for your pomeranian to slip through. If preventing access to their paws is a priority, then this resolves all concerns!

Maintain Full Inflation

It was quite common to find a partially deflated donut in the morning after being used all night long. When the donut deflates, even slightly, it loses effectiveness, enabling dogs to lick, bite, or scratch their body parts.

However, the inflatable collar donuts from Benchmate stayed fully inflated for at least 24 hours, needing only a brief top-up after two days of use.

The Design Pattern

A frustrating aspect we encountered with cheaper collars was how quickly the standard gray or blue ones became dirty, particularly when worn by a pomeranian.

Hair, drool, and constant rolling around on grass swiftly took their toll, necessitating frequent washing to restore them to an acceptable state.

The design and color scheme of the Benchmate inflatable collar donuts effectively conceal a significant amount of hair and maintain a fresh appearance for much longer.

Endures Frequent Washing

Regular usage of inflatable collar during warmer months resulting in the collar being washed and stored away frequently.

Despite undergoing 10 washes, the seams of the Benchmate collar have shown no signs of deterioration.

Two Crucial Consideration Factors Selecting Inflatable Collars

We recommend focusing on a couple of essential factors when searching for an effective inflatable collar:

Adjustable Strap

Opting for a collar with an adjustable strap and clip ensures that you can wash and reuse the inflatable collar multiple times without the need for replacement, unlike collars with hook and loop straps. It also allows you to tighten the collar appropriately, eliminating any gaps where Pomeranians could slip their mouth through.

Choosing the Right Size

Selecting a size that is too small will result in a tight, uncomfortable fit. Conversely, opting for a size that is too large may lead to the front of the collar being pushed up, creating a halo effect above their head and rendering the collar ineffective. In such cases, their mouth will have access to their paws, and their paws will have access to their face!
donut collar size chart

Where to Purchase Inflatable Collars?

Finding inflatable collars online is a piece of cake, and for most of us, Amazon is the primary destination.

Prices typically begin around $10 for more affordable collars equipped with hook and loop straps. However, we strongly suggest investing a bit more in higher-quality options that offer durability lasting at least 10 times longer.

You can find Benchmate inflatable collar donut on Amazon, or alternatively, there are comparable products available that offer identical qualities and features. As with any purchase, prioritize providing your pooch with the utmost comfort money can afford!

Inflatable Collars: A Solution are for Pomeranian Owners

Despite pomeranians’ reputation as high energy level dog, there are effective methods to prevent them from slipping out of inflatable collars.

Once you’ve identified the appropriate type and size, selecting the ideal inflatable collars for your pomeranians becomes effortless.

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