Pomeranian is a trendy dog breed

With their luxurious double coats, fox-like faces, and irresistible charm, Pomeranians have truly become the trendiest dogs of the decade. From red carpet events to Instagram feeds, these pint-sized pooches have stolen the spotlight and captured the imaginations of dog lovers worldwide.

So how did these adorable and spunky furballs come to reign supreme in the world of canine fashion? It’s a combination of their striking appearance, their friendly and extroverted personalities, and their association with high-profile owners like Paris Hilton and Ariana Grande.

Arian Grande with pomeranian

Pomeranians are a unique blend of elegance and playfulness, making them the perfect breed for those seeking a stylish and sociable companion.

Join us on a journey to discover how Pomeranians have gone from fluffball to fashionista, and why they continue to capture our hearts as the trendiest dogs around. Prepare to be enchanted by their irresistible charm and endless charisma as we delve into the phenomenon that is the Pomeranian.

The History of Pomeranians

Pomeranians have a rich and fascinating history that dates back centuries. Originally bred in the Pomerania region, which is now part of Poland and Germany, these dogs were much larger and were used for herding sheep. 

It wasn’t until the 18th century that Pomeranians started to be bred down in size, resulting in the adorable and compact breed we know today.

During the Victorian era, Pomeranians gained popularity among royalty, particularly Queen Victoria herself. The Queen’s love for these dogs sparked a trend, and soon Pomeranians were seen as a symbol of luxury and status. Their regal reputation continued to grow throughout the years, leading to their eventual rise in the fashion world.

Pomeranians in popular culture became a beloved breed, thanks to their appearances in films such as “The Wizard of Oz” and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” Their cute and fluffy appearance, combined with their larger-than-life personalities, made them a favorite choice for many dog lovers. 

As social media became more prevalent, Pomeranians began to take over Instagram feeds with their photogenic looks and entertaining antics.

Marco on the Queens breakfast table by Charles Burton Barber
Marco on the Queens breakfast table by Charles Burton Barber

Pomeranians in popular culture

Pomeranians have made quite an impact in popular culture, transcending their status as mere pets and becoming a symbol of style and sophistication. From movies to music videos, these charismatic canines have captured the hearts of audiences around the world.

In the film industry, Pomeranians have had their fair share of on-screen appearances. Perhaps one of the most iconic Pomeranian performances was in the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” where the character of Toto, played by a Pomeranian named Terry, stole the show with his unwavering loyalty and adorable antics. This portrayal solidified the Pomeranian’s reputation as a lovable and endearing companion.

Beyond the silver screen, Pomeranians have also become a favorite subject for music videos and social media content. Their photogenic nature and playful personalities make them the perfect co-stars for music artists looking to add a touch of cuteness and charm to their visuals. 

Pomeranians have graced the music videos of artists like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, further cementing their status as fashionable and trendy dogs.

The rise of Pomeranians as a trendy breed

The rise of Pomeranians as a trendy breed can be attributed to several factors. 

  • Firstly, their unique appearance sets them apart from other small dog breeds. With their fluffy, double coats and expressive eyes, Pomeranians exude an air of elegance and poise that captivates anyone who lays eyes on them. 
  • Their compact size also adds to their appeal, making them the perfect accessory for fashionable individuals.


Social media has played a significant role in popularizing Pomeranians as well. Platforms like Instagram have become a playground for showcasing adorable pets, and Pomeranians have taken center stage with their photogenic looks and charming personalities. 

Influencers and celebrities have embraced these furry companions, sharing their daily lives and adventures with their followers. This exposure has not only increased the demand for Pomeranians but has also elevated their status as a trendy and fashionable breed.

Pomeranian breeders and enthusiasts have also played a part in promoting the breed’s popularity. By actively participating in dog shows and competitions, they have showcased the breed’s unique characteristics and exceptional qualities. 

Their efforts have contributed to a growing appreciation for Pomeranians as not just fashion accessories, but as intelligent, loyal, and affectionate companions.

Pomeranian fashion and accessories

Pomeranians and fashion go hand in hand. From stylish outfits to luxurious accessories, these dogs have become fashion icons in their own right. Pampered Pomeranians can be seen sporting the latest trends, turning heads wherever they go.

Fashion designers and brands have taken notice of this trend and have started creating exclusive lines of clothing and accessories specifically for Pomeranians. 

From chic sweaters and jackets to designer collars and leashes, there is no shortage of fashionable options for Pomeranian owners to choose from. These stylish ensembles not only keep Pomeranians warm and comfortable but also allow their owners to express their own sense of style through their beloved pets.

Accessories also play a crucial role in completing a Pomeranian’s fashionable look. From sparkling tiaras and bows to trendy sunglasses and hats, there is an accessory for every occasion. 

Pomeranians are often seen sporting accessories that match their owner’s outfits, creating a coordinated and fashionable appearance that is sure to turn heads. That’s not me by the way! I don’t dress like my Pomeranian and never would!

Pomeranian influencers and celebrities

The influence of social media cannot be understated when it comes to Pomeranian’s rise to fame. Pomeranian influencers and celebrities have amassed millions of followers, showcasing their adorable pets and their glamorous lifestyles.

Celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, Keanu Reeves, and LeAnn Rimes have been instrumental in popularizing Pomeranians as a trendy breed. These high-profile owners often feature their Pomeranians in their social media posts, giving their followers a glimpse into their lavish lives and the undeniable charm of their furry companions. 

As a result, Pomeranians have become synonymous with luxury and style, attracting fans and followers from all walks of life.

In addition to celebrities, there is a growing community of Pomeranian influencers who have made a name for themselves on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. These influencers curate visually stunning content featuring their Pomeranians, showcasing their outfits, tricks, and daily adventures. 

Through their creativity and dedication, they have established themselves as authorities in the world of Pomeranians, inspiring others to embrace the trend and share their love for these fashionable dogs.

pomeranian wearing shirt and denim

Conclusion: The awesome appeal of Pomeranians

From their rise in popular culture to their influence in the world of fashion, Pomeranians have captured our hearts and become the trendiest dogs of the decade. Their striking appearance, friendly personalities, and association with high-profile owners have elevated them to a status of style and sophistication.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or simply a dog lover, it’s hard to resist the charm of these adorable furballs. Pomeranians offer a unique combination of elegance and playfulness, making them the perfect companions for those seeking a stylish and sociable pet.

So, if you’re ready to embrace the trend and add a touch of Pomeranian magic to your life, get ready to embark on a journey filled with love, laughter, and plenty of fashionable moments.

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