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Dogs are more than just pets; they’re our companions, our confidants, and, in many cases, even our protectors. But to ensure they become the best version of themselves, they need proper training.

At this point, most dog owners think of turning to professionals for help because as we all know, training or addressing behavioral issues can be quite challenging.

In the world of dog training, the K9 Training Institute (K9TI) stands as a leading authority. Let’s explore why it has earned its reputation as a top-tier dog training institute.

In this review, we’ll talk about the K9 Training Institute’s (K9TI) Total Transformation Masterclass, a comprehensive online dog training course. 

The course is more expensive than others and that is one of the things that we will tackle. Hopefully, this will help address what most dog owners ask about: Is it worth it? Does this course offer great value for money?

We’ve spent months completing the course to provide a thorough evaluation of its value and effectiveness.

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Discovering K9 Training Institute

I’ve known about the K9 Training Institute for awhile now.

My journey into the world of the K9 Training Institute began when readers shared their transformative experiences.

Results speak louder than words, and at K9TI, success stories are in abundance. Countless dogs and their owners have seen remarkable transformations through the institute’s programs. The testimonials from satisfied clients are a testament to the effectiveness of K9TI’s training methods, showcasing the profound impact on both the dogs’ behavior and the satisfaction of their owners.

And over 1300 raving reviews of K9TI state the same!

The institute significantly improved the relationship with challenging dogs and outperformed other courses. The buzz around K9TI raised our curiosity, especially given its higher price point. Unlike viral products, K9TI maintained a low online presence. This piqued our interest and prompted us to investigate further.

Meet the Team Behind K9 Training Institute

K9TI’s success can be attributed to its trainers, Dr. Alexa Diaz and Eric Presnall. Dr. Diaz, a lead animal behaviorist with a Ph.D. in Animal Behavior, offers over 20 years of dog training experience.

Her contributions to scientific journals have earned her respect in the field.

Eric Presnall, known for his role on Animal Planet’s “Who Let the Dogs Out,” judges the performance of talented and well-trained dogs. Their combined expertise ensures the course’s credibility and effectiveness.

The Comprehensive Programs at K9TI and More Reasons Why It’s Considered The Best

Founded with a passion for canine education, K9TI has dedicated itself to shaping the future of our four-legged friends. 

With a mission firmly rooted in providing humane and effective training, K9TI has stood the test of time as a reputable institution that knows how to turn a novice pup into a well-behaved and skilled dog.

The trainers at K9TI are more than just professionals; they are experts who are deeply passionate about their work. With qualifications and certifications that speak to their dedication and experience, the trainers at K9TI are well-equipped to transform your dog. 

Their humane and positive reinforcement training methods set the standard for ethical training, and they maintain a low student-to-trainer ratio to ensure individualized attention.

K9TI provides tailored programs that cater to the unique needs of each dog and their owner. Whether you’re bringing home a playful puppy or looking to fine-tune your dog’s behavior and skills, K9TI has the answer.

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They offer Puppy Training, Basic Obedience Training, Advanced Training, and even specialized programs like protection, service, and therapy dog training. Each program is designed with clear objectives and utilizes effective techniques to achieve results.

K9TI’s State-of-the-Art training facilities alone justify the high price point. Training facilities are the backbone of any dog training institute, and K9TI doesn’t disappoint. 

Their centers are thoughtfully designed to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for both dogs and their owners.

Their facilities are fully equipped with the latest training tools and resources to ensure the most effective training experience possible.

Do We Recommend K9TI? It’s A Yes!

If it’s not obvious yet, we highly recommend the K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass and in fact, it’s in the No.1 spot for our 15 Best Online Dog Training Courses!

Despite the higher cost, it consistently delivers better results than its competitors, making it the best value for money in effective dog training. Over 1,300 enthusiastic reviews echo our sentiment. Notably, it’s the first time the secrets of the service dog industry have been made available to ordinary dog owners.

Key Features of the K9TI Masterclass

The K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass offers a comprehensive training course led by renowned dog trainers, a step-by-step blueprint, hands-on practice, detailed training techniques, 100% force-free methods, video demonstrations, personal coaching, live Q&A sessions, and lifetime access to course materials.

This extensive package ensures you have the tools and guidance needed to succeed.

The $497 price tag for the Total Transformation Masterclass might seem steep. However, considering the wealth of resources and the level of support provided, it’s a worthwhile investment. It’s important to view this as an investment in your dog’s future and your relationship with them.

Who Can Benefit from the K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass?

This masterclass is suitable for dog owners of all levels, regardless of whether you have an 8-week-old puppy, a senior dog, or a newly adopted pet with behavioral issues.

The course’s primary goal is to help your dog become calmer, more obedient, and well-behaved, akin to service dogs. It focuses on understanding your dog’s motivations, encouraging sociability, and creating a sense of purpose. This training improves behaviors like jumping, leash pulling, ignoring commands, house soiling, biting, chewing, and more. It doesn’t aim to transform your dog into a service dog but to instill calmness, obedience, and impulse control in various situations.

If you aim to understand your dog better, improve sociability, enhance trust, ensure safety, and build a stronger relationship with your canine companion, this course is for you. Keep in mind that this requires a daily commitment of 10-15 minutes for one-on-one training with your dog. Consistency is key to success.

K9TI vs. Other Online Dog Training Courses

Many online dog training courses promise to address specific behavioral issues, but K9TI takes a different approach.

Instead of focusing solely on problems, it teaches two fundamental cues, “Watch” and “Touch,” laying the foundation for comprehensive training. These cues are essential in service dog training, fostering calmness, obedience, and impulse control.

The course equips dogs with the ability to maintain eye contact, stay calm in various environments, and demonstrate obedience. In short, it transforms dogs into well-behaved companions.

And the most effective technique to teach dogs (according to animal behavior science), is through body language, rather than verbal commands alone.

5 Disadvantages of the (K9TI) Masterclass

We highly recommend K9TI but to be fair, we’ll share some things we don’t like about it:

1. Price Point

One of the most significant drawbacks of the K9TI Masterclass is its price. At $497, it stands as one of the more expensive options in the world of online dog training. For some dog owners, this cost can be prohibitive, making it inaccessible to those on a tight budget.

2. Time Commitment

Effective dog training requires a consistent time commitment. The K9TI Masterclass suggests dedicating 10-15 minutes per day to one-on-one training with your dog. This time investment may be challenging for individuals with busy schedules or those who struggle to allocate sufficient time for daily training.

3. Course Length

The course’s duration is quite extensive, and some participants may find it time-consuming. While this is necessary to ensure comprehensive training, it might not be suitable for individuals seeking quick fixes or those with limited patience.

4. Video Length

Some users have reported that certain video lessons in the course could be more concise. Although this allows for a thorough understanding of the material, it may lead to longer viewing times, which could be less convenient for some learners.

5. Not for All Dogs

The K9TI Masterclass is primarily focused on transforming dogs into well-behaved companions. It may not be the best fit for individuals who are specifically looking to train their dogs for particular purposes or specialized tasks, such as hunting or agility training.

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Is the K9TI Masterclass Worth the Price?

Yes, it is expensive, but at $497, the Total Transformation Masterclass delivers exceptional value.

If you compare it to the cost of hiring a professional dog trainer, the K9TI Masterclass offers significant savings. Professional trainers often charge $50 or more per hour, and skilled service dog trainers start at $200 per hour.

Similar courses tend to increase in price as they gain popularity and demand.

Given K9TI’s level of support and results, it’s highly likely that its price will reflect the quality and demand for the course in the near future. If you’re serious about effective dog training, this course is worth the investment.

Here’s one more reason to love K9TI: They provide a generous Free Training Workshop, offering valuable insights into what the Total Transformation Masterclass entails.

This workshop helps you determine whether the full course is suitable for you and your dog. Unlike other programs that require upfront commitment, K9TI’s approach ensures you know what to expect before making any financial commitment.

Highly unlikely, but, if you’re not satisfied with the course for any reason, you can request a full refund within 90 days making it a risk-free choice.

Also, K9TI frequently offers promotions on their masterclass where you can save up to $200 on the full price so keep an eye out for special offers after you go take on the free workshop!

And you don’t need to buy anything in addition to the course – there is not a single whistle, clicker, or other dog training tool in sight!


K9TI are so confident in the value of their course, that they are more than happy to provide one of the most extended refund periods of any online dog training course, with a 90 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

This means that if you are not satisfied with the course for any reason, you can get a full ‘no-questions asked’ refund within 90 days, making this 100% risk-free (which we absolutely love).

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